How Professionals Recover Data from iPhones

Losing data from our iPhones is one of the most common activities that happen to many iPhone owner. This data loss can occur by accident, jailbreak, stolen iPhones among other reasons. Restoring this information is a bit difficult and not many of the people understands the process. However, this article provides knowledge about how professionals recover lost data in all brands of iPhone, from iPhone 8 to iPhones 6 and 4. There are a number of solutions to data loss in iPhone. Under each solution, access to the storage of lost files is attained. If very few files need restoration, consider using the free iPhone recovery tool. For big files, it is advisable to employ the Gihosoft application.

When recovering data from an iPhone, the following steps are to be followed.

Installation of Enigma Recovery Application: this is the initial step used by professionals in iPhone data recovery. After installation of the Enigma Recovery application in desktop computer or laptop, open the software and check if it runs.

Connect the phone and the computer: using a USB cable, one can connect his or her iPhone to the computer. In case of any notifications, it is good to consider trusting the computer with the iPhone.

IPhone scanning: this involves selecting the data type that an individual would like to recover from the lost files. After identifying the files, consider scanning them to test if there is the presence of any virus. Data scanning can take a couple of minutes and it will fully depend on the size of the file being restored.

Check the validity of the data: after recovering the data, one should consider clicking on various tabs to view the recovered data. This ensures that one has restored all the files that he or she was looking for.

Data Transfer: after restoring the data, consider exporting it to the intended iPhone storage space.

Following the above steps, allows one to restore any needed lost from an iPhone so easily.


How to Choose the Best Computer for your Needs

Buying a new computer without any sense of know-how is a scary prospect. There is a great need for a simple guide to buying desktop computers. If you aren’t sure what the best way to go about shopping for a new computer is, find a guide.

If the computer is going to be used for the average computer uses such as email, internet browsing, and the occasional work, then many brands have good and cheap computers to choose from. Many companies will help you through the process, asking simple questions to point you in the right direction. From there they will help you customize it further to your tastes.

But many of the times it is good to know computer terminology for yourself, even if it is just the basics. There are a few key components that determine how fast and powerful a computer is, and more than likely they will come up in conversation.

The CPU is the central processing unit. It handles most of the work the computer does but is ironically one of the smallest components. Intel and AMD are the most common brands in the CPU industry, and both have their high and middle-end components. CPU power is measured in gigahertz. The higher the gigahertz, the faster the computer will be.

The next important component is the memory. RAM, or random access memory, determines how many applications you can run Many operating systems will utilize up to 8 gigabytes, but 2 gigabytes should be optimal for a normal computer.

Computer shopping, ironically, is best to do online. The best deals with the best products can be found on most any retail site, including the computer brand sites. After looking around go to a brick and mortar store to ask a few more questions before making a final decision.

The Best Advancements in Laptop Technology

If you think back to the kind of laptop you had ten years ago, you will notice minimal changes. It still looks similar to the one you have at the moment. However, you will realize that it has become slimmer and lighter than the previous one. The basic functionality of the laptop has been maintained. There have been drastic changes in the laptop industry over the years to improve the computing experience. Laptop manufacturers have been trying to build devices that meet the current technological advancements. The pressure from the prominence of smartphones and tablets has led to the creation of detachable hybrid laptops and Ultrabook designs. Additionally, Notebooks are equipped with motion and eye control systems as part of the major technological breakthroughs.

Below are a few advancements to expect in laptop technology.

Improved Displays

High-Dynamic-Range has been one of the most significant innovations in the last few years especially in the television industry. It has the ability to show the smallest and darkest areas of an image clearly. This technology will be incorporated into the laptop screens in 2018. A 4K resolution will give users a more life-like experience when watching movies and playing games. The 4K display offers quality which is appealing to viewers hence attract more buyers. However, this innovation will lead to storage consumption and an increase in bandwidth.

Convertible Laptops

Laptops with touch technology have led to an improvement of the traditional interface. It has enabled the creation of convertible devices that can easily fold and in tablet mode. The keyboard folds behind the device instead of detaching. The user can unfold it with much ease when in need of the keyboard. This offers much more functionality as compared to the tablet. Therefore, look for this advancement in this year.

Chip Wars

Chip wars used in laptops have been gaining popularity lately. These chipsets can combine several advanced functions in a laptop. This include, high computing power, increased memory, longer battery life and improved graphics.

Wireless Charging

Power cords feel like leaches for adults. It is an extra piece you have to pack when taking your laptop outside your house or office to avoid running out of battery charge. Chargers are also designed to serve specific models of laptops hence limit borrowing. Moreover, they are prone to wear and tear hence constant repairs and replacements.

Wireless charging will serve as a remedy to these frustrations related to wired chargers. All you will need to do is place your laptop on a surface that will recharge it. There are plans to make this a worldwide standard means of charging laptops.

There is a lot to look forward to when it comes to laptop advancements in the future. The world of technology is continually making improvements to make life easier.


Free Mobile Apps that Every Tech Enthusiast Needs

Indeed, no other industry is booming like the IT. The field is developing day by day, with large numbers of new products arriving, and which ease our lives. So to say, technology is the backbone of the economy today, and a lot has been achieved, with more yet to with innovation. That said, there are some free mobile apps that every tech Enthusiast should have. Some of which include:

  1. The Spiceworks

Downloadable for both the Android and iOS devices, this app aims at simplifying everything in IT. It allows you to sync up your mobile device with your PC and also manage your on-site network, software, and inventory. With it, you can respond to troubleshooting tickets and be informed from a user-friendly dashboard. Besides, you also get to interact with millions of IT pros from all over the world.

  1. ConnectBot

ConnectBot, which is compatible with Android devices, is popular among most Linux systems administrators. It is a simple, open source app that provides you with secure access to remote servers. It can control simultaneous Secure Shell sessions and also allow a remote machine to transfer files to and from your phone. Indeed, every tech enthusiast should have it.

  1. Pingdom

Easy-to-use, this app helps in monitoring and maintaining your tabs on their current state in servers and websites. It is a highly-rated app that is downloadable for both iOS and Android devices. It comes in handy giving instant notifications for critical issues and quickly resolving them from their root-causes.

  1. Rackspace Control Cloud

Looking for an app that can remotely access your cloud files, servers, and load balancers? Then this is the app. Compatible with both Andriod and iOS devices, you will be able to manage your Rackspace cloud infrastructure remotely; check system status, reboot, create, resize, rename, and refurbish your cloud servers. With the tap of a finger, you can achieve all these.

  1. InfraDog Server Mobile App

Precisely, InfraDog is an IT infrastructure management app. It is a simple and great app that doesn’t need a user manual to operate. With it, you can manage, monitor and run servers and groups. It also downloadable for both the Andriod and iOS devices.

Are your business posts falling into a virtual black hole? Well, save yourself some time and learn these mobile apps. Am confident you will be amazed by how much you could achieve!

10 Software that Will Help Grow Your Business

10 Software that Will Help Grow Your Business

With today’s knowledge economy, the business marketing landscape has greatly changed. Companies that hope to compete fairly in the market through attracting new clients and engaging them to need to adapt to the new changes. Discussed herein are some of the software tools you can use to remain relevant in the market.

For Accounting and Finance

  1. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a product offered by Intuit. It is widely used in the personal finance industry. Besides, it is a popular choice since its scope addresses small business needs. Today, QuickBooks offers an array of templates for almost any report you could need. Be it Invoicing, Time Tracking, Accounts Payable, and inventory management. If you are having problems handling your taxes and returns, QuickBooks has the easy way out. Although it has a payroll and budgeting feature, it comes at an extra cost. Because of its many features, at times it is tedious for one to master how to use it. However, they offer phone support whenever there is a need. There is no need to worry.

  1. FreshBooks

FreshBooks are geared towards SMEs that require accurate and efficient client billing as a top priority. Besides, it takes care of basic accounting, but the primary focus is on making it easy for business owners to invoice and receive payments more fashionably. The smaller your business is, the more valuable FreshBooks is. Invoicing and time tracking time is made easy; also, you can set it up to accept credit cards for payments.

Communication and Collaboration

  1. Wrike

Departmental teams are rarely based in one place anymore. Thus, making it more difficult to work together on the same projects. As a result, a collaboration tool becomes handy for businesses of all sizes. Wrike allows you to create projects and let everyone contribute towards it no matter the location. Hence, it helps in keeping the teams in the track of waiting is going on.

  1. Google Hangouts

Video calling and chats have become part of our daily lives. If you need to have a collaborative meeting with your team, there is no need to worry. Hangout can support up to 25 people at once and automatically places each attendees screen to focus on the person who is speaking. The inbuilt screen sharing makes it a perfect tool for giving presentations and demos.

Time Management

  1. Deputy

No matter the number of employees you have in your company, managing schedules can be a nightmare of guesswork and contingency planning. Deputy has its scheduling platform in the cloud. Hence, the data is accessible online, and employees can access it from their own devices.

Through this application, employees can submit shifts, thus helping management in creating schedules in minutes by defining criteria for variations. Additionally, the application integrates easily with other business apps like payroll and Point of Sales.

  1. RescueTime

Even if you are your boss, you need to know how you spend your time. In this case, RescueTime acts like the boss. It tracks time on websites and applications that users spend their time own, in a way you become a better time manage and improve on your time management skills by prioritizing on meaningful areas.

Marketing Software.

  1. MailChimp.

Email marketing has been around long enough. Moreover, it is proving to be one of the incredible marketing methods since you have a defined audience. MailChimp have taken email marketing to another level through automation of sales campaigns.

Based on demographics data or purchase history, you are capable of customer segments and tailor messages that suit their needs. Since every link in a MailChimp is trackable, you can have an in-depth analysis of how your marketing strategy is performing.

  1. Hoot Suite

Hoot Suite is a popular social media managing tools. Features like managing followers, scheduling posts can help the social media admin do his job with minimum hassle. Besides, having one platform to view and engage your audience is one great way to save time.

Unless you are willing to go for a paid version, Hoot Suite reporting is limited for a free version. From the dashboard, you can monitor mentions, competitors, and phrases that matter to your business.

  1. Marketo

This is one of the excellent tools and most established in marketing automation campaigns. It is easy to launch and manage marketing. Besides, Marketo offers everything digital marketers need including tools for automating inbound, lead management and social media marketing.

  1. Act-On

Act-on is cloud-based software that is designed to automate tasks, thus, increasing efficiency. It provides tools for organizing marketing campaigns integrating marketing efforts and converting leads.

4 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using Mind Mapping

4 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using Mind Mapping

The dynamic nature of the business world calls for a creative mind to develop fresh ideas that’ll evolve the business to conquer the stiff competition. An innovative mind is a prerequisite for a successful organization and thus, a creative mind is an indispensable bonus. Find out 4 ways that you can use mind mapping to boost creativity.

What is Mind Mapping?

Mind mapping is an activity that entails engaging your brain in a radiant multilateral thinking process. It encourages a visual and graphic way of forming an external mirror that reflects what is happening inside the brains to the outside.

With mind mapping, ideas that would have otherwise led to lateral decision generate branches that encourage your brain to explore the idea more which yields greater understanding, imaginations, and creativity.


Ways Mind Mapping Encourage Creativity

Keeps your Brain Engaged

Creativity is inherent in every individual and requires activation to start manifesting. If your brain isn’t directed towards creative ways of thinking, the creativity part remains dormant. Mind mapping offers flexibility where an individual is open to new ideas thus creating a multilateral dimension in all the decisions made. It enhances inner debating of a decision and in the process, such an individual will generate more ideas which would have remained dormant were it not for mind mapping.

Enhance the Ability to Create New Associations from an Idea

Everybody has an idea at some point. However, the quality of the idea can be enhanced by actively engaging mind mapping. If an individual invokes multilateral thinking module, they are likely to establish new links to the existing idea. This ensures that such an individual develops a more realistic and implementable idea. They are able to draw the mind map branches before revealing the idea. As such, they have most likely evaluated all the weaknesses and strengths of the idea to their satisfaction.

Enhances Concentration

Mind Mapping is an effective way to keep an individual focused. When such individuals generate ideas, they plan extensively on the implementation plans. They clear all the assumptions before revealing the idea and explore all creative possibilities associated with their thoughts. This ensures that remain focused to one idea and they see it to fruition, unlike unilateral thinking individuals who may have many half-baked ideas.

Enhances Memory

The ability to remember is essential in enhancing a creativity. Mind mapping is an excellent way to boost your memory which helps you to combine unusual elements and link them to develop a creative and implementable idea. It allows radiant thinking where you think in many directions in quick succession.

Bottom Line

Mind Mapping is an efficient way of boosting creativity. It enhances radiant thinking and ensures that you combine different ideas to come up with a highly unique, implementable idea. As such, it’s advisable to practice this form of thinking to enhance creativity and boost performance in all spheres of life