10 Software that Will Help Grow Your Business

10 Software that Will Help Grow Your Business

With today’s knowledge economy, the business marketing landscape has greatly changed. Companies that hope to compete fairly in the market through attracting new clients and engaging them to need to adapt to the new changes. Discussed herein are some of the software tools you can use to remain relevant in the market.

For Accounting and Finance

  1. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a product offered by Intuit. It is widely used in the personal finance industry. Besides, it is a popular choice since its scope addresses small business needs. Today, QuickBooks offers an array of templates for almost any report you could need. Be it Invoicing, Time Tracking, Accounts Payable, and inventory management. If you are having problems handling your taxes and returns, QuickBooks has the easy way out. Although it has a payroll and budgeting feature, it comes at an extra cost. Because of its many features, at times it is tedious for one to master how to use it. However, they offer phone support whenever there is a need. There is no need to worry.

  1. FreshBooks

FreshBooks are geared towards SMEs that require accurate and efficient client billing as a top priority. Besides, it takes care of basic accounting, but the primary focus is on making it easy for business owners to invoice and receive payments more fashionably. The smaller your business is, the more valuable FreshBooks is. Invoicing and time tracking time is made easy; also, you can set it up to accept credit cards for payments.

Communication and Collaboration

  1. Wrike

Departmental teams are rarely based in one place anymore. Thus, making it more difficult to work together on the same projects. As a result, a collaboration tool becomes handy for businesses of all sizes. Wrike allows you to create projects and let everyone contribute towards it no matter the location. Hence, it helps in keeping the teams in the track of waiting is going on.

  1. Google Hangouts

Video calling and chats have become part of our daily lives. If you need to have a collaborative meeting with your team, there is no need to worry. Hangout can support up to 25 people at once and automatically places each attendees screen to focus on the person who is speaking. The inbuilt screen sharing makes it a perfect tool for giving presentations and demos.

Time Management

  1. Deputy

No matter the number of employees you have in your company, managing schedules can be a nightmare of guesswork and contingency planning. Deputy has its scheduling platform in the cloud. Hence, the data is accessible online, and employees can access it from their own devices.

Through this application, employees can submit shifts, thus helping management in creating schedules in minutes by defining criteria for variations. Additionally, the application integrates easily with other business apps like payroll and Point of Sales.

  1. RescueTime

Even if you are your boss, you need to know how you spend your time. In this case, RescueTime acts like the boss. It tracks time on websites and applications that users spend their time own, in a way you become a better time manage and improve on your time management skills by prioritizing on meaningful areas.

Marketing Software.

  1. MailChimp.

Email marketing has been around long enough. Moreover, it is proving to be one of the incredible marketing methods since you have a defined audience. MailChimp have taken email marketing to another level through automation of sales campaigns.

Based on demographics data or purchase history, you are capable of customer segments and tailor messages that suit their needs. Since every link in a MailChimp is trackable, you can have an in-depth analysis of how your marketing strategy is performing.

  1. Hoot Suite

Hoot Suite is a popular social media managing tools. Features like managing followers, scheduling posts can help the social media admin do his job with minimum hassle. Besides, having one platform to view and engage your audience is one great way to save time.

Unless you are willing to go for a paid version, Hoot Suite reporting is limited for a free version. From the dashboard, you can monitor mentions, competitors, and phrases that matter to your business.

  1. Marketo

This is one of the excellent tools and most established in marketing automation campaigns. It is easy to launch and manage marketing. Besides, Marketo offers everything digital marketers need including tools for automating inbound, lead management and social media marketing.

  1. Act-On

Act-on is cloud-based software that is designed to automate tasks, thus, increasing efficiency. It provides tools for organizing marketing campaigns integrating marketing efforts and converting leads.

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