Free Mobile Apps that Every Tech Enthusiast Needs

Indeed, no other industry is booming like the IT. The field is developing day by day, with large numbers of new products arriving, and which ease our lives. So to say, technology is the backbone of the economy today, and a lot has been achieved, with more yet to with innovation. That said, there are some free mobile apps that every tech Enthusiast should have. Some of which include:

  1. The Spiceworks

Downloadable for both the Android and iOS devices, this app aims at simplifying everything in IT. It allows you to sync up your mobile device with your PC and also manage your on-site network, software, and inventory. With it, you can respond to troubleshooting tickets and be informed from a user-friendly dashboard. Besides, you also get to interact with millions of IT pros from all over the world.

  1. ConnectBot

ConnectBot, which is compatible with Android devices, is popular among most Linux systems administrators. It is a simple, open source app that provides you with secure access to remote servers. It can control simultaneous Secure Shell sessions and also allow a remote machine to transfer files to and from your phone. Indeed, every tech enthusiast should have it.

  1. Pingdom

Easy-to-use, this app helps in monitoring and maintaining your tabs on their current state in servers and websites. It is a highly-rated app that is downloadable for both iOS and Android devices. It comes in handy giving instant notifications for critical issues and quickly resolving them from their root-causes.

  1. Rackspace Control Cloud

Looking for an app that can remotely access your cloud files, servers, and load balancers? Then this is the app. Compatible with both Andriod and iOS devices, you will be able to manage your Rackspace cloud infrastructure remotely; check system status, reboot, create, resize, rename, and refurbish your cloud servers. With the tap of a finger, you can achieve all these.

  1. InfraDog Server Mobile App

Precisely, InfraDog is an IT infrastructure management app. It is a simple and great app that doesn’t need a user manual to operate. With it, you can manage, monitor and run servers and groups. It also downloadable for both the Andriod and iOS devices.

Are your business posts falling into a virtual black hole? Well, save yourself some time and learn these mobile apps. Am confident you will be amazed by how much you could achieve!

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