Losing data from our iPhones is one of the most common activities that happen to many iPhone owner. This data loss can occur by accident, jailbreak, stolen iPhones among other reasons. Restoring this information is a bit difficult and not many of the people understands the process. However, this article provides knowledge about how professionals recover lost data in all brands of iPhone, from iPhone 8 to iPhones 6 and 4. There are a number of solutions to data loss in iPhone. Under each solution, access to the storage of lost files is attained. If very few files need restoration, consider using the free iPhone recovery tool. For big files, it is advisable to employ the Gihosoft application.

When recovering data from an iPhone, the following steps are to be followed.

Installation of Enigma Recovery Application: this is the initial step used by professionals in iPhone data recovery. After installation of the Enigma Recovery application in desktop computer or laptop, open the software and check if it runs.

Connect the phone and the computer: using a USB cable, one can connect his or her iPhone to the computer. In case of any notifications, it is good to consider trusting the computer with the iPhone.

IPhone scanning: this involves selecting the data type that an individual would like to recover from the lost files. After identifying the files, consider scanning them to test if there is the presence of any virus. Data scanning can take a couple of minutes and it will fully depend on the size of the file being restored.

Check the validity of the data: after recovering the data, one should consider clicking on various tabs to view the recovered data. This ensures that one has restored all the files that he or she was looking for.

Data Transfer: after restoring the data, consider exporting it to the intended iPhone storage space.

Following the above steps, allows one to restore any needed lost from an iPhone so easily.

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