How to Choose the Best Computer for your Needs

Buying a new computer without any sense of know-how is a scary prospect. There is a great need for a simple guide to buying desktop computers. If you aren’t sure what the best way to go about shopping for a new computer is, find a guide.

If the computer is going to be used for the average computer uses such as email, internet browsing, and the occasional work, then many brands have good and cheap computers to choose from. Many companies will help you through the process, asking simple questions to point you in the right direction. From there they will help you customize it further to your tastes.

But many of the times it is good to know computer terminology for yourself, even if it is just the basics. There are a few key components that determine how fast and powerful a computer is, and more than likely they will come up in conversation.

The CPU is the central processing unit. It handles most of the work the computer does but is ironically one of the smallest components. Intel and AMD are the most common brands in the CPU industry, and both have their high and middle-end components. CPU power is measured in gigahertz. The higher the gigahertz, the faster the computer will be.

The next important component is the memory. RAM, or random access memory, determines how many applications you can run Many operating systems will utilize up to 8 gigabytes, but 2 gigabytes should be optimal for a normal computer.

Computer shopping, ironically, is best to do online. The best deals with the best products can be found on most any retail site, including the computer brand sites. After looking around go to a brick and mortar store to ask a few more questions before making a final decision.

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