Seven Reasons Why You Are A Rookie In Cyber Security

You might not think much of cyber security because you believe that no one is going to hack you. Why would they pick you out of everyone out there? You might think that it is highly unlikely that anyone will try to attack you, but that is where you are wrong. If you aren’t taking cyber security seriously, then you are at risk. And here are seven reasons why you might be a rookie in cyber security. 

1. If You Think Your Phone Is Safe 

If you don’t have a good password on your phone, then you are at risk for a cyber attack. You don’t want anyone to get on your phone and see all that you have stored on it, so you should keep it protected with a complicated password. 

2. If You Stay Logged In 

If you aren’t careful about logging out of sites, especially when you are in a public place, then you are at risk for someone finding out all of your information. No matter what website it was that you were logged into, they can easily find out more about you if you leave it there. 

3. If You Have A Poor Password 

Hackers can easily get into any account of yours if the password is not right. So, make sure that you make your password as complicated as possible, so that you will protect yourself. 

4. If You Click Without Thinking 

Don’t click on any ad or email without thinking about it and checking where it came from. When you click through an email and it is spam, you may become hacked. So, be cautious and think before you act. 

5. If You Give Out Your Information 

If you are always giving out your information online, then you aren’t doing your best to stay safe. You need to keep your information to yourself. You need to be as private as possible online because you never know who might happen upon your information. 

6. If You Don’t Change Passwords Frequently 

Not only do you need to have a good password for every site that you are on, but you also need to change them up frequently. So, try to change your password at least every few months, so that a hacker won’t figure it out and get into your account. 

7. If You Don’t Have Separate Passwords 

Another thing that is important in regard to passwords is that you have a separate one for each account that you have. Don’t use the same one for social media and email and your bank account, but switch things up, so that no one will hack into all of your accounts. 

If you can relate to any or all of the above, then it is time that you started to think more seriously about internet security. You want to keep yourself safe from hackers, and in order to do so you need to follow the tips above.