Stellar Data Recovery: Data Recovery Software, Tools & Services

Stellar Data Recovery: Data Recovery data recovery service Orlando FL Services – Stellar Data Recovery is an eminent global technology company that delivers a broad range of data recovery software and products. Plus, the company also deals with data recovery services offering its labs in USA, Europe, and India. Its data recovery services are broadly classified as laptop & desktop recovery, server recovery, RAID recovery, and encrypted data recovery. & Desktop Recovery Services : Stellar offers an excellent data recovery service by restoring your files, databases, and documents from a dead desktop’s or laptop’s hard disk. Their data recovery professionals offer their service round-the-clock. Recovery: Stellar uses the industry-best technology in order to bring back the lost assets stored on malicious platforms. They use various streamlined procedures to recover your lost server data pretty quickly. Recovery: RAID Recovery can easily recover your mission-critical data from any corrupt RAID system. They use proprietary technologies to rebuild the data loss from any kind of RAID layout, including RAID 0, RAID 5, and so on. Data Recovery: Stellar’s experienced data recovery specialists offer a customized solution in order to restore & decrypt your confidential business data without compromising the security. Data Recovery: Data Recovery Software : Stellar offers a multitude of data recovery software for various platforms including both Mac and Windows. The most popular data recovery software (offered by Stellar) are briefly described below. Phoenix For Windows Data Recovery (Professional) : This software is specially designed to work on any Windows platform in order to smoothly recover your seemingly lost documents, files, pictures, and more. 

Features : 

1.Supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. 

2.Recovers data, documents, photos, partitions, and 300 more file types. 

3.Recovers your files from corrupt or damaged optical media. 

4.Recovers deleted emails in Outlook Express and MS Outlook. Phoenix For Mac Data Recovery : This program offers a safe & accurate recovery of lost file, photos, documents, audio files, or videos which have been intentionally or accidentally deleted from HFS, FAT, ExFAT, NTFS, and HFS+ format based file systems. 

Features : 

1.Supports iMac, Air, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, and Mac Pro. 

2.Achieves a completely accurate data recovery on Mac OS X. 

3.Facilitates successful RAW recovery from lost Mac volumes. 

4.Supports machine backup Data Recovery: Data Recovery Tools : Stellar’s Data Recovery Toolkit is a perfect combination of three dynamic yet efficient tools that recover deleted or lost data from any storage media. This toolkit supports an excellent data recovery from Mac, Windows, and Linux operating system. 

Special Features : 

1.Offers a lifetime license validity. 

2.Supports recovery from multiple platforms. 

3.Recovers over 185 file types.